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Good Game Hofstra.
Came in did the things they do so well since forever....Execute in a half court offense and hit contested jump shots.
Swept the long CAA road trip to boot.
I expected to win tonight because I expected Hofstra to run out of steam eventually, but they did not.

One thing that i have been racking my brain about during this win streak is are we a great team or are we a good team that is just incredibly consistent. We have won a ton of games, but when we play good competition the games end up being pretty close.

Guys seemed a little off today. 3pt shooting, Free throws, inability to come up with the defensive rebound.

I think it was a combination of things: pressure from the ranking/win streak and Hofstra putting us behind the 8 ball for most of the second half with their execution. Late gotta have it threes that had gone in this year against UNCW, Towson, VT, Richmond and Kent St bricked.

Hopefully the pressure releases a bit after today. Guys can settle down and get back to business.
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Re: Hofstra

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Seems like the last few games the shooting percentage wasn’t very good but we made it up by frequency of shooting Today the 3 pointers weren’t there.
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