Charleston Classic

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Re: Charleston Classic

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matrojan wrote: Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:02 am Special team.
Nothing about that game was trending in a good direction. VA Tech survived our punch and got into their offense. We were surviving on shot making but not getting too many of those extra energy possessions that we typically need overcome inevitable lulls.

Second half we were allowing stupid offensive efficiency by VA Tech.
Got a little lucky with calls. Home field factor.

Speaks to the mental toughness of the guys. The ability to deploy different tools at different times.
The depth is such a critical asset. It's gonna be so big come CAA tournament time. Having Pat Rob sitting there with only 20 minutes per game. Also saw us slide a big lineup with Ante and Baba Manning the front court.

Stuff to clean up....
The moving screens.
In games where we are more comfortably ahead would love an effort to get Lampten more offensive touches. Raekwon and Benny too.
Burnham gets touches. Great bench player that gets gassed too fast. Lampten needs to clean up some D.
VT liked the moving screens too.

Nitpicking, though. Team win.

The back pushers
MWC tourney team
ACC tourney team
-all go down and leave their fans whining.
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Re: Charleston Classic

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Ante loves hitting those 3's verse ACC teams.
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