Help us out!

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Help us out!

Post by gomocs57 »

Thanks in advance.

I see your games are on something called Flohoops TV.

I won't ask why and why not something like ESPN3 or ESPN+.

So, for the sake of us Moc fans please give us the ins and out of FloHoops TV.

Anyway to watch free?
Do you have to join and then cancel?
Saw something about Youtube, free on that?

All help appreciated.


Oh, there was speculation floating around last season that CoC was at least thinking about a return to the SoCon. Anything to that?
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Re: Help us out!

Post by GACoug »

I don't think we'd return to the SoCon any anytime soon.

As for flohoops it sucks. You can get a one month subscription, but I don't think there's any free trial. Also, go to the CAA sports website for a link to a discounted subscription.
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