How to build fans attendance and revenues

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How to build fans attendance and revenues

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A lack of live attendance has implications both in terms of in-game atmosphere, but more importantly, in terms of needed revenue for the athletic department. Ticket sales represent one of the biggest, if not the biggest, slices of the revenue “pie” for college athletics. Most NCAA Division I athletic departments derive nearly a quarter of their revenue from the sale of tickets, while at some schools with large football stadiums, that percentage can be upwards of 40 percent. (At UNC, for example, ticket revenue equals roughly 28% of athletic revenue.)

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• Take advantage of the INTERNET, as outlined below, with an interactive, flexibly changing web page and Email communications.
• Develop email lists of all reporters, print and broadcast and cable, and, as appropriate, selected national ones (especially those with whom good relations already exist). Create buzz.
• Put an auto responder on each web site for instant responses to emails, with those to actually respond to with more to be decided on a case-by-case basis.
• Have explanatory paragraphs for most issues for use in selecting email responses.
• Send out a short one paragraph statement every day, with reference to longer pieces on the campaign web sites, to all who subscribe the Email newsletter.

Failure to aggressively engage in an a “win the hearts of the fans” PR campaign can result in the LOSS of opportunity revenues, including not only ticket and merchandise revenues but also the even greater loss of potential local revenues. Credibility and appearance are everything and a Fan Plan following the guidelines of this site can result in huge revenue increases.

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