El Cid 1-4

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El Cid 1-4

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Tonight, Charleston Southern went into Appalachian State and won in Boone to go 5-0. El Cid on the other hand, was beaten by their biggest rival's (Furman) backup freshman QB and a backup FB who scored the winning TD to win 24-17.

bob80q: This has to be the most overrated and underperforming Cid team of all time. Absolutely no excuse for such half hearted play against mediocre opponents; what more evidence is needed that Higgins is not up to the task and needs to go. Unfortunately we are stuck with him through next year and must continue to suffer.

Game: Let's get rid of our D coordinator NOW. He is terrible!!!! Let's clean house. Coaching staff should be gone at the end of the year!!!!!
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Re: El Cid 1-4

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All the fair weathered's over there are fine since they knocked off App State in overtime. Since they beat the powerhouse team, they are deserving to go to bowl game.
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