Stay classy Waffle House U - ‘KKK’ letters on fraternity law

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Stay classy Waffle House U - ‘KKK’ letters on fraternity law

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fuking rednecks. So glad we will have no affiliation with those rubes

The arrangement of yard letters to spell out “KKK” in front of a fraternity house is currently under investigation by Georgia Southern University officials.

It is still unknown who exactly moved the letters to the Kappa Alpha lawn Sunday morning. The yard letters are from the Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Delta sororities.

“It could result in criminal charges. It’s technically theft, but it could also be criminal trespass when you put things onto others’ property without permission,” Chief Mike Russell, director of Public Safety, said.

“We just installed cameras, and fortunately we saw four people bring the KD ‘K’ and the KKG ‘K’s and take pictures with them,” Chase Joiner, KA president, said.

The timestamp on the security camera showed that the letters were placed on the lawn at 6:20 a.m., and they were removed by 9 a.m., Joiner said.

“We’re still investigating, so we don’t have any specifics to share at this point,” Amy Zieziula, judicial officer for the Dean of Students, said.

Once information is gathered and a report is made, the Student Conduct board will determine if an organization or individuals will be held responsible for the incident, Zieziula said.

“We hope to have the information gathered by the end of this week,” Zieziula said.

GSUProblems reposted a photo of the letters onto its Facebook page from an anonymous twitter account called Statesboro Sass. The post was later removed because KA brothers feared for their safety, according to a GSUProblems post explaining the photo’s removal.

The photo being posted online created a larger attack against all of Greek Life, not just KA, Joiner said.

Joiner said, “It’s just been a rat-race rush trying to cover up what these people have come and tried to make it look like we are portraying.”
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Re: Stay classy Waffle House U - ‘KKK’ letters on fraternity

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Holy Psycho Obsessions Batman!

A thread not about El Cid in the Beatdown room!

Keep working on it Bubba- the road to recovery is long but rewarding.
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