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This is the spot to talk about cougar basketball.
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Re: new forum

Post by GoMaroonsFight »

as an old timer ('74), that can barely use this forum as it is, could you please add me to this new forum? i want to voice my opinions on the athletic dept and such, without having the occasional lurkers of these boards seeing all of my thoughts. thanks for all that you do to keep this forum going. i gather a lot of the breaking news from this site!

- GoMaroonsFight
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Re: new forum

Post by NOLA1 »

Please add me to the new forum. I'm a CofC alum, Golden Cougar and have been a season ticket holder for 33 years.
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Re: new forum

Post by agstuckey03 »

I am a '99 alum and I have been reading the board for years but have never posted can I be added to the Cougar Fan board and The Cistern is that the same thing?


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Re: new forum

Post by dadpharm »

What about Barry's dunk near the end and Pierre s backward lay
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Re: new forum Globecoast13

Post by globecoast13 »

Please admit me, graduated class of 2008 have been slack but im back.
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Re: new forum

Post by bojack »

If its still there, add me to the super secret club please.
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Re: new forum

Post by OnGeorgeStreet11 »

As an 2011 grad, former athletic staff, and a basketball season ticket holder, I have tons of opinions - and some probably shouldn't be shared on the main forums.

Please consider my request to be admitted to The Cistern forum, thank you.
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Re: new forum

Post by GACoug »

To be added you have to do this:

1) go to user control panel (link at the top of the page)

2) on the left hand side you will see 'usergroups', select that.

3) on that page you will see a group listed as 'cougar fan', select the request to become a. Member.
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Re: new forum

Post by Skubot »

Please admit me as a member of the private forum. Cofc grad in 08', season ticket holder.
Thanks Keith Meany (username Skubot)
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