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Re: CAA additions

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Re: CAA additions

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Relating to what was said and moved, less than 60% of CofC’s students are in-state now. We’ve been in the Colonial now almost a decade. We’re in that sphere now with all the other schools up there. It was 58.6% with the most recent spring headcount; just 4 years ago it was 67.6%.

I don’t like to put down my own state, being a native of the Charleston area, but outside of the top 30-40 high schools in SC, the vast majority in the Charleston/Columbia/Upstate/Myrtle Beach areas, most of them do not do a good job at preparing students for going to any post-HS education. There were 6 high schools in NJ that had 6 or more students in this year’s freshman class.

My scores due to a low GPA got me in provisionally 12 years ago. I don’t think I would be able to get into CofC now.

I was looking at CofC’s website today and guess who are some of CofC’s “peer” institutions? UNCW, Elon, JMU; with William & Mary as an “aspiring” institution. Not a single school in the SoCon now is on that list.
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Re: CAA additions

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New addition NC AT&T.
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